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2020 saw the radio show leave AllGames Radio and join the sunny shores of youtube, with a Mon-Fri schedule there is a show for every day now!


Mondays are currently - Andy Still Sucks At Bloodborne 

Come and watch live 9pm as he takes on his toughest gaming challenge EVER


Tuesdays remain the night for our weekly podcast. This is where Ali and Andy chat about their week in gaming. Live 9pm (GMT) Come join the chatters!


Ali discovered Andy had never played the Gears of War series so Wednesday became the night for Gears of Wednesdays where the guys play through the series in release order 9pm (GMT)


Thursday is destination Ali - this is where Ali expresses his...... who are we kidding the guys so undecided so Thursday 9pm (GMT) is where he plays whatever he feels like


Fridays 9pm (GMT) is the weekly news. The guys themselves were sick of daily gaming news shows so to save everyone the bother they took the news section from the old podcast and made 1 weekly dose of news

The Channel

So for everything else like trailer reactions to unboxings visit the main channel

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