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Ted Lasso comes to FIFA 23

Football is life!

Ted Lasso the phenomenal Apple TV+ show has made the big leagues with EA games announcing today the addition of AFC Richmond and Ted into FIFA 23.

Hints of the teams' addition were made last week when the FIFA rating database showed the team stats which were later removed.

From the press release :

Today, Electronic Arts and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced the arrival of AFC Richmond to EA SPORTS™ FIFA 23, with fans able to authentically take control of their favourite club across multiple game modes including Career Mode, Kickoff, Online Friendlies, and Online Seasons. A number of AFC Richmond items including kits, tifos, Manager items, and other content will also be available to unlock across FIFA Ultimate Team™(FUT) and Pro Clubs where applicable.

Jason Sudeikis’ beloved Ted Lasso will be available as a selectable manager of AFC Richmond in Career Mode, as fans can play as their favourite moustachioed manager running the show for AFC Richmond or any team of their choosing. Players can also create their Manager or select a real-world licensed manager to take control of AFC Richmond, or create a Player and join the AFC Richmond squad in a league of their choosing.

Fans will also be able to play as AFC Richmond as part of the ‘Rest of The World’ league in Kick-Off, Online Friendlies and Online Seasons with Roy Kent, Jamie Tartt, Sam Obisanya, and Dani Rojas all featuring as part of the Greyhounds’ squad. AFC Richmond’s iconic home stadium, Nelson Road, will also feature in FIFA 23.

Related content in FUT and Pro Clubs will be available through objectives, challenges, and rewards, designed to be attainable by all players from launch. This includes Ted Lasso and Coach Beard manager items, AFC Richmond kits and other FUT club and stadium vanity items including badges, flags and more, in addition to Nelson Road Stadium being included in Pro Clubs.

As someone who has not much interest in football, the addition of AFC Richmond is quite enticing. These players and the team have more investment from me than any real team, thanks to spending time with them over 2 phenomenal seasons. It could potentially attract a whole new audience to the game thanks to the show's vast popularity.

Ted Lasso tells the story of a happy-go-lucky ex-American football coach who has landed a job as a club manager of a struggling football team in England. The heartwarming tale brings comedy, action and drama by the boatload and stars comedian Jason Sudekis in the lead role.

FIFA 23 becomes playable for Ultimate Edition buyers on 27th September, and Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC standard release purchasers on 30th September.

Ted Lasso Seasons 1 & 2 are available to watch on Apple TV+.

Full EA Blog Post:

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