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Sniper Elite 3 Review

Sniper Elite 3 is the latest edition to the sniping series and the first to appear on next gen. In Sniper Elite 3 you play as Karl Fairburne an American soldier who, as the game unfolds discovers plans to a super tank that could turn the tide of war for any side.

Story isn't the strong point in this title but it doesn't really matter as that's not why you will pick this up. 2012’s Sniper Elite V2 was fun to play but the level design was restrictive and uninspired. This time round maneuvering Karl to the various ambush points and sniper nests is a joy. Stealth is the name of the game here as being spotted sets of an alarm alerting all nearby guards. The difference between this and the likes of Metal Gear Solid is that there are no punishments from being spotted here. The arcade style really suits the title however and is a blessing when the sometimes awkward AI manages to spy you through a wall.

The big selling point of the series is the infamous X-Ray bullet cam. When an on target bullet is going to hit it's mark, the camera tracks the bullet to the victim. The sheer (sadistic) enjoyment of seeing a well placed bullet shattering various bones and body parts is hard to beat. Personally, I'm surprised other first person shooter games haven't stolen this mechanic yet.

Lining up that perfect shot, holding Karl's breath and pulling the trigger is instant gratification. The variations of places to hit the enemy becomes a sport in itself. When not sniping Karl certainly has the tools at his disposal to rip through enemy camps with ease. As mentioned before AI can be a bit off and so much as a mistaken pop out of the head can lead to an alarm bell.

Campaign is short and broken into 8 chunks each with varying difficulty levels and side quests. Each map is gigantic however and contains multiple routes. Plenty to be seen and done throughout. A second playthrough is more than warranted, even just to try a mission a different way.

Multiplayer modes are split into competitive and cooperative. Competitive is fun for short term nothing substantial enough to warrant continuous play. Co-op mode shines however. Playing through the campaign with a friend becomes competitive quickly. Overwatch was a highlight also with one player becoming the spotter with binoculars and the other the shooter. It certainly is one to try for yourself.

For fans of stealth games that aren't punishing. Or anyone that enjoyed the previous Sniper Elite titles this is the peak of the series to date. Having a fantastic mechanic in its X-Ray bullet cam and a fun environment, the ability for you and a friend to team up. Easily makes this the sniper title to own on PS4.

Ali Kennedy 42 Level One

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