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Pure Chess Review

Chess: the game of kings. Pure Chess is a fantastic representation of this game in it's standard form with plenty of rules customisation and a cool version of mail away chess (where you would play against someone via moves sent by post or email, pre online gaming).

If you're familiar with how to play chess, it's pick up and play chess at it's finest and if you've never played before there's a comprehensive tutorial mode teaching you the moves of each piece as well as some strategy and tips and tricks in addition the scaled difficulty levels of the CPU opponents to help you get started

The board and pieces all look gorgeous on PS4, the game is very easy to control and there are plenty of angles to view the board from to allow you to better plan you strategy.

At present online play is limited as the game is yet to release there aren't many people playing but the ability to challenge friends is great and something I was hoping would be included in this iteration as games are just that much more fun when you can play against (beat Fraser) your fiends.

On the couch games work perfectly and I've had several great nights playing against my fiancé. Taking away the need to find and set up a board each time makes the game play that much faster and ultimately leads to more fun.

My only criticisms of Pure Chess (and trust me I'm really having to be harsh to find anything) would be that it's menu system seems slightly antiquated and that it would have benefitted from a live play online version in addition to the online mail away style.

This is chess at it's purest, if you enjoy the game you will love Pure Chess and if you've never played before Pure Chess is a great way to start off learning a very worthwhile game.

Andy Urquhart 42 Level One

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