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Majestic 12 Review

"The best way to describe this game would's like an hd remake of your favourite classic shooter."

The game majestic 12 by Exis interactive is a fantastic contra/castle crashers hybrid style game that features up to 4player co-op which, is THE way to play this fantastic space shooter!

The plot is like many classic 16 bit shooters....kind of a mixed bag and doesnt take itself too serious but doesn't need to make sense as you get to blow stuff to hell!! Basically you are part of this team majestic 12 and aliens attack and .....yeah lets just shoot them all!! From the start this title screams Xbla at you, it's like the game was made for it, with its in built achievements and Xbox pad controller support (the best way to play) if this doesn't hit the marketplace next year I will be shocked!

The levels are generally a left to right scrolling affair (besides the last two which turn into an R Type style shooter) and are all varied environments which look great and are filled with aliens, robots and all kinds of bad guys trying to end your fun! A personal favourite part in this game for myself are the bosses of which, there are usually 2 per level which range from a helicopter to a robot dolphin?! Like I said above mixed bag lol! And half the thrill of this title was seeing which boss the game would throw at you next!

The controls work fine on a keyboard using , wsad as directions and the mouse to aim but, I found jumping sometimes a pain doing this via keyboard so clearly plugging in an Xbox controller is the best way to play this title.

You have your basic weapon - your gun which can be upgraded by finding power ups in barrels such as laser or rocket upgrades which help immensely as this game  solo is a tough affair even on normal mode!!! With a friend you will waste away many hours blasting away the aliens or playing the "tug of war" style multiplayer mode  which will challenge your gaming limits! The graphics in this game are nice and cartoon like 3D models and as said above its as if it was released early 90’s and this is the studio doing an HD remake!

Overall genuine addictive fun that took my gaming attention away from the newly released Hitman: Absolution so, if that isn't high praise I don't know what is.

Majestic 12 is available via

And is on PC only at the moment but Exis are hoping for Xbla and PSN future releases! Which I will certainly pick up for a second time round!

In the meantime I'm off to try do better in survival mode and get me all 40 of those in game achievements!

Alister Kennedy

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