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Dishonored Review

That was the ominous question posed on my first few strides into the unwelcoming underwater utopia that is rapture. Bioshock was an experience of a game, a perfectly functioning 1st person shooter with astounding graphics but, the main attraction dragging me back underwater was the atmosphere and the backstory of the world created by 2k games.

February 9th 2010 Bioshock 2

The sequel to one of the best games I have ever played. And it didn't quite hit the mark. The game felt like the creators were forced to make a sequel and it was as if it had been churned out bythe numbers, it could never quite reach the highs as reached in the original. Also (assuming due to studios demands) multiplayer seemed forced upon a game that in no way needed or suited such an addition. Bioshock 2 in my mind has been pushed aside as "let that one slide" and with Bioshock Infinite announced and it seeming more like a proper sequel my hopes were raised again was pushed back to 2013.

October 2012

I had not been keeping up on this game nor following it, I had even flicked through a few articles I had read on it previously. Out of the blue this game peaked my interest I can't pinpoint on what it may have been or why but I just knew I needed this game. And upon release date I was not disappointed. Now the box art on this game and the general presence the cover art exudes from the shelves instores, is quite misleading as far as to the extent that others who I know haven't picked it up! The game I played so far has been a magical and almost defining game of the current generation of consoles. This game I speak of is none other than Dishonored by Arkane studios.

You begin the game with a loading screen that declares "the boldest measures are the safest" which immediately draws comparisons to the 2k title Bioshock, even your basic set up of first person, two handed fighting (one hand sword, the other pistol,crossbow or magic ) is a direct similarity. The in game world is marvelous it brings to life a cell shaded world that has been struck with a plague of rats who have begun to prey on helpless inhabitants of Dunwall. The main storyline involves the assassination of the empress and your "dis honoring" by means of being framed for said act. Your character "Corvo" is the  loyal and dedicated bodyguard of the empress, who is set up and thrown in jail for the murder of his employer. The game opens up when a rebel faction to the cities oppressors rescue Corvo by assisting his escape from prison and bring him into their camp which acts as your central hub.

You end up becoming a part of this rebellion, who are fighting the current regime who have taken control of Dunwall and are ruling with an iron fist. Your basic equipment is given to you as well as any upgrades you earn along the way by this underground movement.

The game plays however you choose but you are edged towards using a more stealthy and non violent approach as this style gives you the player a nicer city to venture through whereas a brutal approach will push the chaos rating up and will fill the streets with rats and guards making the city's downfall even more rapid than before.

Now as this is a spoiler free article I won't venture into direct plot points but the mentioned play choices will effect your games story and ending, intact there are multiple endings which give this game extreme re playability.

There is no multiplayer mode "tacked" on as an afterthought but, a game this beautiful to look at and play has no requirements for one. Overall if you like your games atmospheric and filled with tension and a gripping story then Dishonored is a game you simply have to play as it could be the game of this generation of consoles. Yes it is that good.

Alister Kennedy 42 Level One

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