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Crimsonland Review

Crimsonland is a game with a very simple premise. If you see it kill it. Each level takes place on a barren plane filled only with hordes of zombies/aliens/insects/scorpions/spiders whose only quest in life is to eat you. You fight them off with a variety of increasingly outlandish weapons which are randomly dropped by dead enemies starting with a simple pistol all the way up to a multi shot heat sealing rocket launcher, with many varieties of machine guns and shotguns along the way. Occasionally enemies will also drop random pickups ranging from temporary shields and weapon boosts to huge nuclear explosions.

Each level typically lasts for around 1-2 minutes so this game is perfect for casual gaming a few levels at a time in between say watching a TV show on Netflix. There’s plenty of levels contained within as well with 8 levels each with 10 levels apiece, and that’s not to mention that upon completion you unlock Hardcore mode (the same levels again just harder) and if you can beat all those? Have another even harder mode!

There’s also a survival mode and a couple of others that you unlock along the way. A ton of perks and weapons are also yours to unlock as you progress through the game.

Yes this may not be the best looking game available on the PS4 but it’s top down asthetic harkens back to the Amiga days of top down shooters, such as Cannon Fodder, and it’s really the addictive short form gameplay that makes this game one of the most fun games to play on the console. Oh and did I mention there’s 4 player local co-op? The icing on the cake of a superbly crafted arcade style top down shooter.

By Andy Urquhart

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